That's Nice: Artificial Intelligence 'Nightmare Machine' Knows How To Make Scary Photos

November 2, 2016


Researchers at MIT have developed The Nightmare Machine, an artificial intelligence system that has learned how to take any photo and make it appear scary to humans. This is good, we need this. *plans trip to MIT with a trunkful of electromagnets*

The primary reason for building Nightmare Machine was to explore the common fear inspired by intelligent computers, its trio of designers told Live Science.

"Elon Musk said that with the development of AI, we are 'summoning the demon,'" co-creator Iyad Rahwan, an associate professor at MIT Media Lab, told Live Science.

"We wanted to playfully explore whether and how AI can indeed become a demon, that can learn how to scare us, both by extracting features from scary images and subsequent refinement using crowd feedback," Rahwan said.

Elon Musk was right, the development of AI is summoning the demon. And if we don't use dark magic to summon an even more powerful demon first, we're doomed. Now, does anybody have the phone number for The Cabin In The Woods? I feel like that's a good place to start.

Keep going for a couple more pictures, including a GIF of the machine working its algorithms on a shot of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.




Thanks to Jarod, who agrees artificial intelligence, just like artificial sweeteners, is going to give us all ass cancer.

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