Swanky, A Swan Shaped Ladle That Floats On Soup

November 28, 2016


Meet Swanky, a swan shaped soup ladle that floats on top of the soup it's placed on. Swanky is an already funded Kickstarter project so $17 will get you one in black or white (sorry no pink or purple) when they ship this January. Me? I don't eat soup. You know why? "You only eat fast food." Well yes that too but mostly I figure when I'm all old and decrepit I'll be eating plenty of soup because that's actually all I'll be able to eat, so why eat soup now? If I ate a lot of soup now I might get tired of it by the time I'm eighty and toothless, and then what? Exactly -- I starve to death after a couple of failed taco-milkshake experiments. Nobody wants to starve to death, especially me. I want to be roasted and eaten by a fire-breathing dragon, motorized wheelchair and all.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video in case that might affect your purchase decision.

Thanks to Alyssa, who wants a floating ladle that looks like a submarine periscope.

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