Stunning 4K Fly-Through Of The International Space Station

November 10, 2016


This is an absolutely beautiful 4K fisheye lens fly-through of the International Space Station (watch it on your new 4K early Black Friday deal TV at home!). It's hard to believe that thing is even up there. Also, what's up with all the empty beer kegs at 5:45? Have those astronauts been up there partying without me? Not cool, spacebros. If you're throwing an intergalactic kegger my name should be at the very tip-top of the invite list. Hopefully right above some good looking alien ladies. Or some not so good looking alien ladies, I don't care, I'm a personality guy anyways. Man, fantasy life is so much better than reality.

Hit the jump for the video and pretend you're floating in space for a few minutes.

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