So, It's Come To This: CHiP, A K-Cup Inspired Oven That Can Bake 4 Cookies In 10 Minutes

November 4, 2016


This is CHiP, a $100 tabletop oven that bakes pre-made "pods" of cookie dough in ten minutes or less. Each individual cookie costs between $0.88 - $2.25 depending on the variety and the length of the "cookie dough by mail" subscription you sign up for. Alternatively, forgo the CHiP and just eat a whole log of raw Nestle Toll House cookie dough like a normal person who had a bad day. That's what I do when I come home from work. Plus feed and walk my dog, lay in the shower until the water runs cold, cook a microwavable meal, watch complete crap on television, and tell myself tomorrow is going to be better. It never is though, just so we're clear. Just kidding *waves hand, makes rainbow* life is grand. "How'd you do that?" Black magic.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Jessie, who agrees the best cookies aren't made at home, they're made by elves who live in a tree and may contain nuts because squirrels live there too.

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