So Eloquent: 11-Year Old Surfer Girl's Brutally Honest Interview

November 11, 2016


This is a video of 11-year old junior surfing champ Sabre Norris being interviewed for the Today show on Australia's Channel 9. Sabre is the youngest surfer to receive the wildcard to participate in Sydney's International Women's Pro surf competition. Interview topics include surfing, getting nervous and vomiting, eating healthy, spending $250 on donuts, how fat her dad is and how much ice cream he used to eat, and how much weight he's lost since Christmas. She's very eloquent and if surfing was an election I would vote for her. It's not though so I just made this poster of encouragement. "It says 'LOOK OUT FOR SHARKS'." Some real wisdom right there.

Keep going for the worthwhile interview.

Thanks to Andreas, who agrees adults could learn a thing or two from this girl about how to give a good interview. So much charm and personality.

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