Impressive: OK Go's Latest Music Video Was Shot Entirely In 4.2 Seconds

November 28, 2016


This is OK Go's music video for 'The One Moment'. The video is almost four minutes long but was shot entirely in 4.2 seconds using high speed cameras. As is typical with OK Go's music videos, it is most impressive. Also as is typical with OK Go's music videos, the song is just okay.

Keep going for the video while I call my old bandmates and see if anybody wants to get the band back together.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I'm not a fan of OK-Go's music but their videos are consistently interesting. On a side note though... What if some of the paint from 1:09 to about 1:20 had hit the lens of the camera? The whole shot would be ruined. All those pyrotechnics would have still gone off probably (since it had to be precisely timed).

    Imagine a reshoot of that scene. Goodness how tedious it would be.

  • TheQiwiMan

    These guys are awesome. I don't get the Debbie Downer cynicism some people portray about them, these guys are incredible musicians and song writers, and if their creativity extends to clever videos too, why isn't that a *good* thing?

  • scott19

    Is there a way to listen to Ok Go without a screen or are quirky and interesting videos the only way to consume the band's music?

  • GeneralDisorder


  • What a genius idea. Impressive!

  • I liked it.
    And I like Ok Go's music too.

  • Talon184 many negative comments. I don't really get why. I really enjoyed the video. Not everything has to be earth-shatteringly original to be worth watching.

  • JJtoob

    I'm pretty sure the first segment showing a piece of the video at normal speed isn't the entire music video, it's only from the beginning up to the point the guitars explode, and that is just about 4 seconds long, and even the video itself says that part was 4.2 seconds long, but it doesn't claim that the ENTIRE video was shot in 4.2 seconds. The walking segment alone takes about 15 seconds. So it seems like whoever wrote that caption on Hedonistica didn't actually watch the video they posted and just ran with their interpretation of what a little section of the video said.

    BTW Mostly everything in the video can be programmed, the really impressive parts are the flip book part, and the part where one of them lip syncs a couple words, I wouldn't be surprised if they used editing for that, but if they didn't, hats off.

  • captaindash

    The whole thing was slowed down/sped up to match the beats. During that lip sync part you mentioned, pay attention to the changing speed of the falling glass. That's the only way to make it possible. Amazing feat of planning and creativity though. I loved it.

  • jodyberry

    It was actually 3 or 4 clips that equaled 4.2 seconds. The behind the scenes was kinda interesting.

  • The_Wretched

    I guess they are making up for spending months and months on the other ones.

  • Meh

    I've lost the will to like stuff like this.

  • Constantly living up to your name.

  • Meh

    With pleasure.

  • Jenness

    Awww, that's sad - too much turkey and stuffing and you can't click anymore. 'Merica Baby!!!!

  • Meh

    Sorry to disappoint, I'm from the Netherlands and don't do any holidays. I'm just tired of productions like this, they're all cliché and trying too hard. It all stopped being fun after that great scene with like a million bouncing balls in LA or where ever.

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