New Airless Bike Tires That Will Never Go Flat

November 10, 2016


Airless bike tires have actually existed for a while but they've all kinda sucked and maybe these ones will too or maybe they'll actually be better who knows only time will tell jk jk my Magic 8 Ball will tell 'Try Again Later', damn we just got dogged. These are Ever Tires' new airless bike tires. They weigh about a pound more than traditional tires, are rated for 5,000-miles of wear, and can never go flat because there's no inflatable inner tubes inside. They come in two varieties: a mountain bike style with holes through the entire tire to cut down on weight, and a solid road bike style. They cost around $100 a set. Personally, I like air in my tires. You know why? "Because you drive a monster truck." You're damn right I do. Now hop in and we'll hit up the nearest grocery store for an impromptu car crushing extravaganza. Bonus points for shopping carts and minivans.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Michael, who doesn't even need tires because he rides a hoverbike.

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