My Hero: Matt Stonie Eats 17 McDonald's Hash Browns In One Minute

November 29, 2016


Seen here looking like a man who's never experienced regret in his life, Matt Stonie pounds 17 McDonald's hash browns in one minute. Now listen: eventually I'm going to stop posting Matt Stonie videos, but for right now he's kind of my personal hero and I want you to know how much he means to me. You see the thing is, so far today I've eaten a protein shake, Greek yogurt, and a chicken breast with broccoli and brown rice, so I'm kind of living vicariously through him until my doctor says I'm healthy enough to live another year, at which time I'll immediately run out and try to push that number back down under a month. I'm a health nut.

Keep going for the video while I daydream about those McDonald's fried holiday pies with the custard inside and sprinkles on top. Please do those next, Stonie.

Thanks to blue16, not to be confused with Yellow #5, which, at least according a kid on the back of the school bus, is the food coloring they put in Mountain Dew that can shrink your penis.

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