My God: Gigantic Huntsman Spider Captured In Australia

November 3, 2016


These are a couple shots of what is allegedly one of the largest hunstman spiders ever seen, spotted at Barnyard Betty's Animal Rescue in Brisbane Valley, Queensland. I just emailed the pictures to everyone I know who's afraid of spiders with the subject title '2016 ELECTION JOKES LOL'. Maybe that's why I don't have a lot of friends. Or maybe it's because nobody wants to be the ugly half of a duo at the bar. I can't help it if I'm conventionally attractive. I also included a picture of the car that a man drove into Lake Cathie in New South Wales on Tuesday after a huntsman climbed into his lap while driving and he panicked and slammed on the gas. Hey, I would have done the same thing. The only difference is I would have done it on purpose because I didn't want to live anymore after that.

Keep going for one more shot and the car in the lake.



Thanks to Mikey and ClosetNerd, who agree the coolest spiders aren't spiders at all, they're ladybugs and they grant wishes.

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