Matt Stonie Eats 3-Pound, 4,000 Calorie Gummi Worm In Eight Minutes

November 22, 2016


Because this is the season of overeating, this is a video of competitive eater Matt Stonie devouring a 3-pound, 4,000 calorie gummi worm in under eight minutes. It's basically just pure sugar. My favorite candy version of pure sugar? Fun Dip (aka Lik-M-Aid). Remember those things? I used to love those things. I loved them so much that when my teeth started to fall out I began replacing them with pieces of the sugar stick you use to dip into the powder. My dentist never knew the difference! Mostly because my dentist was the family dog and didn't care about anything except whether my breath smelled like meatballs.

Keep going for the video while I train for Thanksgiving with a quick trip to my three favorite drive-thrus.

Thanks to CH, who agrees the key to eating gummi things as quick as possible is melting them and drinking the soup.

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