Man Spends $9-Million On UAE License Plate With Single Digit '5'

November 2, 2016


This is Dubai property developer Balwinder Sahni and two of his Rolls Royces with single digit United Arab Emirates license plates (the lower the number, the higher the prestige). Sahni just paid $9-million at auction for the '5' plate, and previously paid $6.7-million for the '9' last year. For reference, that's $15.7-million he's spent on license plates alone. Damn rich people.

Since Dubai has no income tax, Sahni says he sees the hefty license plate purchases as his contribution to the public coffers. He says he believes the money will go to charity and toward improving the city's infrastructure.

"I believe in giving back," he said. "This city has given me a lot."

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority declined to comment on how the proceeds from the license plate auctions are spent. The authority holds several a year. Bids can start in the millions of dirhams.

I don't know if you could tell by the picture, but Sahni is also legally blind. Just kidding, he can see. I think. Still, $15.7-million on license plates? I would have used that money to build a hospital. Or, fine, a giant superlaser to destroy my enemies. Tomato, tomahto.

Thanks to BS, who agrees even a $155 registration renewal is too much. And now I need a SMOG check? What the hell.

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