Man Hacks Amazon's Alexa Into A Big Mouth Billy Bass

November 7, 2016


This is a short demonstration of the Big Mouth Billy Bass that artist and developer Brian Kane packed with Amazon's Alexa. Now whenever you have a question you just ask the fish. That would be pretty handy mounted on the wall in my living room. Except I want it to respond to "Hey Billy" instead of "Alexa." I also want it to constantly tell me how handsome and talented I am. Magic Fishy on the wall, who's the handsomest of them all? "The Rock." You're dead to me!

Keep going for a video of Billy giving a weather report.

Thanks to me, for trying hard and believing in myself, even though deep down I know I'll still fail.

  • KungFuTreachery

    I'll be impressed when it can sing Alexa's commands like Billy Bass.

  • GeneralDisorder

    That would require finding the original voice actor for Billy Bass and having him sit down for 10 hours a day of pronouncing dumb weird shit including single syllables and partial syllables and all that jazz. Terribly complicated process.

    Maybe you could modulate Alexa to sound like a male. Although it would probably sound kind of artificial and clunky at best. At worst it would be unintelligible.

  • KungFuTreachery

    Check out Google's DeepMind WaveNet.

  • Sonoir


  • jennifer.thacker

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  • Cheese

    Freelancing? Is that your fancy way of saying that you sell your ass for crack money?

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