Man Forgets To Use Parking Brake During Pee Break, Has To Chase Car Benny Hill Style

November 4, 2016


This is a video (I think from Russia) of a guy who doesn't engage his parking brake during a snowy pee break and winds up having to chase after his car Benny Hill style (music included). He manages to catch up with it, but only long enough to grab some piece of the bumper like he's the Incredible Hulk and that's actually going to stop the car. Eventually the car does come to a stop though, but only after rolling upside down. Woopsie. Why'd he wander so far away from his car to pee in the first place? If it's all snowy out and you need to pee you should stop and open the door and pee right there. Plus the door will help cut the wind and prevent Jack Frost from nipping at your penis. You don't want him taking a bite out of that thing.

Keep going for the video while I make some hot cocoa.

Thanks to Jeremy, who informed me his wife likes to drive for long distances with the parking brake on. I'm sure she's glad you decided to share that.

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