Looking Dino-Mite: Dinosaur Half Earrings

November 2, 2016


These are the upcycled retro dinosaur earrings made and sold by Hong Kong based Etsy shop OOOWORKSHOP. They're little plastic dinosaur toys that have been cut in half and made into earrings (similar to these except these were never toys). They come in five different dinosaur varieties and cost $13 per earring but I'm confident with even the bare minimum of arts & crafts knowledge and your mom's permission to use scissors, an earring stud and a hot glue gun that you could make your own. I believe in you. I'm sure it'll probably come back to bite me in the ass, but I do. Now get over here, I choose you first for kickball.

Keep going for several more shots while I replace my belly button ring with one.





Thanks to lizzy, who agrees dinosaurs will never go out of fashion. Right? 243-million years and still going strong.

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