'Little Chubby' Robot Goes Rogue In China, Injures One

November 22, 2016


At a recent tradeshow in China, a Xiao Pang ("Little Chubby") robot went rogue and ran into a glass exhibit stand, injuring a bystander with shards of glass. Great, so now they know glass can hurt us.

In a statement posted on its site, the manufacturer apologized for the incident, and explained that a staff member was trying to move the robot aside when he accidentally pressed the key to move back, not forward.

The robot rolled away from his grasp and he could not stop it in time, the company said.

Xiao Pang has sensors to stop it from bumping into obstacles for regular use, but that function is disabled when its control panel is open.

So basically it was user error. Or at least that's what the company would like you to believe. But I did a little digging around and found out this robot's parent company is none other than TENYKS. And TENYKS spelled backwards? "Skynet!" Wait -- not Skittles? I thought it was Skittles. Shit this is even worse than I thought.

Keep going for two more shots.



Thanks to Mark V, The Carlos and Draco B, all of whom are super well endowed and don't know the first thing about little chubbies.

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