Literally 15 Minutes Of Google Home Telling Jokes

November 10, 2016


In 'Well, That Was Fifteen Minutes I'll Never Get Back' news, this is a video made by David Chen of him asking a Google Home device (the Google equivalent of Amazon's Echo) to repeatedly tell jokes for fifteen minutes straight. It doesn't tell very good jokes, mind you, but you get what you pay for. In this case he probably paid around $130, and you're not going to get a real knee-slapping joke teller for that kind of money. Those cost hundreds, even thousands. I did like the 'ships and dip' and 'put a little boogie in it' jokes though. The device actually starts repeating jokes after eight minutes, and malfunctions around 13:40 and stops responding for a while. And I don't blame it, if I had to hear, "Okay Google, tell me another one" one more time I'd turn myself off too. Just kidding *flexes in mirror, begins drooling at what I see* with a bod this hot there's no way I could turn myself off. *finger lick butt sizzle* Kidding again, thinking about sex with buffet style spaghetti works.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Doc, who couldn't even identify my rash.

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