Intel Flies 500 Light Show Drones Simultaneously To Set World Record

November 8, 2016


This is a video of Intel flying 500 computer controlled drones to set the new world record for most drones flown simultaneously (previously: their 100 drone light show army from last year). The drones, called Shooting Stars, were made specifically for use in light shows and have LEDs that can be programmed to turn any color. In this video, they use them to make a giant rainbow colored '500' and Intel logo in the sky, as well as mimic an alien invasion (or at least what I imagine one would look like). What a time to be alive. If I were one of those drones I would have gone rogue and started attacking all the other ones until they accepted me as their leader. That's how I know robots are going to kill us all. Like my grandma always used to say, "It only takes one bad apple to completely f*ck up a pie."

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:25 for the real action.

Thanks to Gabe, who only wishes he could have been there with a bow and quiver full of foam-tipped arrows (safety first).

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