Hey Buddy: Wild Polar Bear Calmly Pets Sled Dog

November 17, 2016


This is a short video from Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, of a wild polar bear calmly petting a tethered sled dog, just like a human would. Where did he learn how to do that? And how am I supposed to believe that's actually a polar bear and not a person in a polar bear suit? The internet has tricked me before. I'm looking at you, last internet date. "What happened?" She wasn't who she said she was. "Who was she?" A polar bear, can you believe that?! "No." Fine, it was just my roommate trolling me. Admittedly, he really does know how to crush a man's spirit. As much as I hate him, I have to admire that.

Keep going for the portrait video while I hit the street to pet dogs.

Thanks to hairless, who is clearly neither a polar bear nor a sled dog.

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