Goodbye, Teeth: How To Cook A Thanksgiving Dinner Entirely Out Of Sweets

November 23, 2016


Do you like sweets? Look down. Can you see past your belly? Can you see past your belly and not see an insulin pump? If you answered yes, yes and yes then maybe this all-sweets Thanksgiving dinner is right for you. Highlights include a 20-pound, 25,625-calorie gummi turkey, sweet potato casserole made with all Lucky Charms marshmallows, one of those 3-pound gummi worms cut into faux cranberry jello slices, a casserole made out of Twizzlers and green jelly beans and marshmallow fluff, and stuffing made entirely from crushed cookies. Wow, that all sounds so deliciously disgusting I honestly can't tell where my drool ends and vomit begins.

Keep going for a video of the sweet feast.

Thanks to Gabe, who has the same thing for Thanksgiving every year: the burps and heartburn.

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