Finally, A Little Drone Made Specifically For Taking Selfies

November 21, 2016


This is the AirSelfie, a little $190 drone made specifically for taking selfies. It has a 5 megapixel camera, shoots both still shots and video, is controlled via an IOS/Android smartphone app, sends photos directly to your phone through Wi-Fi, and can fly for about five minutes before needing a charge. Alternatively, use the selfie stick you've got. It's way cheaper and simpler. Plus you won't get mad at yourself if you break it or lose it because it cost like five dollars. Maybe less. I got one in a gift bag at a birthday party I wasn't even invited to.

Keep going for their Kickstarter video.


Thanks to Jenness, who agrees it's never not AirSelfie hunting season. You don't even need a license.

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