Finally, A Carry-On Suitcase With An Integrated Baby Stroller

November 8, 2016


This is the Born To Fly suitcase. It's a $380 carry-on suitcase with an integrated baby stroller that folds out like the world's most depressing Transformer. That way you don't have to pack your kid IN your suitcase like you normally would. Alternatively, leave the kid at home. You're supposed to be going on vacation to relax after all, and there's nothing relaxing about toting around a child that's too young to walk or wipe themselves. Just kidding I have no clue what that's like because I don't have children because I can barely take care of myself, I just see other peoples' and think to myself what a personal nightmare that looks like. I'm sure it's great though. FUN FACT: I have only held one baby one time in my entire life and that was for like five seconds. It was terrifying. Puppies? Puppies or kittens I could hold all day. You? You I could hold all night. Just kidding, I call little spoon. "What?" CUDDLE ME.

Keep going their Kickstarter video in case that's something you need to see.

Thanks to Lazy Anne, not to be confuse with Lazy Susan, who actually isn't that lazy at all and is great for passing condiments at the dinner table.

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