Eye In The Sky: Man Uses Drone To Follow, Bust Cheating Wife

November 16, 2016


Note: Curse words are censored but he's still angry yelling so keep your volume in check.

This is a video of Pennsylvanian John Consiglio showing the drone footage he allegedly used to follow his wife and catch her with another man in the parking lot of a nearby CVS (condoms? pregnancy tests?). Apparently the couple has been married for 18 years, but John recently got suspicious when his wife was being called into work early more and more frequently. After several unsuccessful attempts to follow her himself, he decided to use a drone. And that worked: he's now filing for divorce. I mean, provided this is real and not some sort of anti-Ashley Madison smear campaign. You never can be too sure these days. Maybe its a viral ad for a new Cheater-Buster line of drones. My point is this: I would have crashed that drone right into the guy's windshield so they know Skynet is watching and to send a warning: One more parking lot handjob and we're dispatching a Terminator.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dev, Zootghost, brian and Allysa, who agree Big Brother is always watching.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Not to point fingers... but why would she cheat on a guy who would stalk her with a drone? Maybe because he's the kind of guy who would stalk her with a drone.

    Just sayin.

  • Daily Lama

    Are we sure she's not hooking? When normal people get picked up, they don't kiss the person hello through the driver's side window, and then get in. They get in, and then kiss them hello.

  • kaosbc

    Genuinely feel bad for the guy, pretty heart breaking, I hope he leaves her with nothing.

  • JJtoob



    jajaja thats hilarious welcome to planet earth you fucking dickless idiot jajaja

  • Bling Nye

    Did you suffer a stroke in the past?


    yeah right after the same shit happened to me probably done by your mom or girl or even both jajaja

  • Northwest Photography

    To be fair his wife is probably the cock sucker...

  • MinjaMike


  • The_Wretched

    He should have gotten a remote controlled exploding goat instead. It's more satisfying when you can shower someone in goat.

    That said, if your needs are being met, be open and honest with your spouse / partners. See if you can't come to an accommodation and plan on splitting up otherwise. Life's too short to live in bitter misery.

  • Meh

    Always fun to see people hurt other people.

  • Jenness

    IDK - she walked forever - why not pick a place a lot closer to her work? Seems like if that was someone she was steadily cheating with there wouldn't be this whole hiking aspect to it. Reminds me of those 'I found out my wife is a call-girl' stories - like she never met this guy before and she's on Craigslist trying to make Christmas money.

    Which is even more horrific - not only is she cheating but she's basically telling the world you're a cheap asshole and she's having to work AND be a hooker. Why do you have a high powered drone but no car or bicycle for your wife to ride to work to begin with??

    I didn't see her kiss the dude in the close-up, just talk to them. What if it isn't a dude? What if she was meeting a cousin or girl friend just because she wanted to skip out of work and go drinking - and really isn't whoring it up but just a very bad employee or a drunk.

    I have a lot of ?'s on this.

    Either way this guy's life sucks and I'm glad I'm not him - or his wife.

  • In his update video he expressly states he confronted her about it and she admitted to kissing the guy. But she also told him she only met the guy the three times that the husband knows about, and that nothing else happened.

    The husband also goes on to say that EVEN if that's true (which it obviously isn't, you don't walk blocks away from your house, get into a car with a stranger, and talk politics after sucking on his face), even once, even just holding hands....is breaking the sanctity of marriage because you're forming an emotional attachment to someone else after promising that you'd expressly never give your heart nor your body to another.

    I feel bad for the guy, as I've been on sides of the cheating fence. Some people unfortunately have to touch the stove to learn it's hot. You may not understand why people cheat, but it's a very simple thing to grasp...they weigh the pros and cons, and then ultimately decide that it's a good idea because they've come to the conclusion that nobody will find out. What people don't know, won't hurt them.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Why wouldn't a cousin or girlfriend just go to her house and pick her up, then? Your 3rd paragraph doesn't jive with her first paragraph. She's obviously cheating and this guy is obviously unhinged. The marriage, despite his claims, was probably not a good one or happy one for a long time. No excuse for cheating, but they both needed to just be honest about their situation. Both with themselves and each other

  • Jenness

    Because maybe she was skipping out of work and didn't want him to know? idk - Personally, I don't understand cheaters at all - just leave.

    I honestly don't get how anyone can be attracted to someone who is actively lying, sneaking and betraying the one person they vowed they would never do that to and expects a new partner to find that a sexy trait.

    And what kind of whack-nut looks at the other person and says "I am so getting off on the way you totally want and are encouraging me to be the worst possible version of myself for sex. Screw finding someone that would empower me to be the happiest, most fulfilled and brilliant me I can be - I'd rather settle for the gutter and give up this whole 'be a good human being ' crap and if I can destroy a family (or partner's emotional world) in the process - well then that just means I'm super duper hot right?"

    Divorce might make you broke and the kids might not have the best - but it's a small price to pay for the ability to look yourself in the mirror everyday.

  • GeneralDisorder

    He should do what I did... and find a swinger or two to have fun with. Then attend a swinger party... then hate himself more than he ever thought possible... I hate my life.

    On the plus side I didn't need a drone to catch the cheating bitch. I just kind of expected she would do it again. Once a cheat, always a cheat. For all I know she's cheating on her boyfriend right now.

  • Jason Christopher

    He really, really should have dropped down to window level on that vehicle and surprised the hell out of them.

  • KungFuTreachery

    That sucks and stuff, but what kind of drone is that? Pretty sick.

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