Drivers Using Reflective Scary Face Decals On Rear Window To Discourage High-Beam Users

November 16, 2016


Apparently drivers in some parts of China have been flocking to buy these reflective ghost/scary face decals (~$3 - $18) that are only visible when the driver behind them is using their high-beams. The idea is to discourage high-beam use/scare the driver behind you into crashing. No, seriously, I think people are actually crashing.

But traffic police in some states have warned against using the scary stickers, because they could cause traffic accidents. Police in Shandong say they'll issue 100 yuan ($15) fines to drivers using ghoulish decals.

In Beijing, police say [Chinese] it's not illegal to have the decals on, but the driver may have to bear responsibility of any accidents that result from scaring another driver with them.

You know what I do if somebody driving behind me has their high-beams on? Immediately pull over and get out and run because I do NOT have a valid license and shouldn't be driving. What the hell was I thinking? I'm not going back to jail. Whose car was that anyways?

Keep going for several more shots of the possibilities. Also, no word if anybody's seen the face in their own rearview and had a heart attack and/or caused an accident themselves. I know I would.






Thanks to Jenn, who agrees when you drive a monster truck, nobody's high-beams are high enough to be a problem.

  • Cosmo Mangiardi

    I wish they would make the little Japanese boy from the movie Ring.

  • Dorinda Turner

    Where can I get a couple of these from ?

  • Cheese

    The only way to deal with the morons who drive behind you with high beam on is to mount a row of high-intensity lights in your rear window.

  • Roger Martinez

    I want one, where can I order?

  • Sisca Reeves-Lacaze

    Where do I get them? I clicked on the link in FB but it's all in Chinese.

  • AtomicMountain

    I like where they're going with this...

  • Bling Nye

    Agreed, I'd be happy even with one that just said "TURN OFF YOUR BRIGHTS"

  • Ventagli

    It's either ICU or 6ft under.

  • Who cares what cops in China think about them. What are cops in the states thinking? I don't want to get a ticket over a window sticker. But I definitely want #8.

  • GeneralDisorder

    In Pennsylvania you aren't allowed to have your rear car window covered by anything except tint and the allowed tint is just slightly darker than factory UV blocker tint. And the side windows a sedan or wagon have the same rules (the door windows that is).

    Of course people black out their windows all the time. In fact if you had good well done tint or a car from our of state that came with dark film you can get out of it.

    A friend of mine bought a Pontiac Grand Am that had huge white and green flags on the rear windshield and he never once got a ticket for the decals. And you couldn't see in or out.

  • Bling Nye

    I always thought rear windows didn't matter, since side mirrors can be used... Trucks with fully loaded beds, or pulling trailers, or other vehicles that have the rear window occluded for some reason are pretty common. I don't see these decals being an issue unless it could be legitimately made into something that would cause significant distraction to the driver... and even then I don't see that working because what about all those damn sign flippers on the side of the road? Those aren't distracting?

  • Meh

    I would go with 12#. That stuff is pretty sweet.

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