Couple Recreates Iconic Movie Scenes With Their Cats

November 23, 2016


These are a few of the iconic movie scenes recreated by UK couple David and Sarah and their nearly-identical cats Willow and Tara. Apparently Tara is more into the hobby than Willow is though. So far they've done Alien, E.T., Ghost, The Shining and American Beauty, but plan to do lots more, so feel free to follow their Instagram to see those because there's no telling whether I'll revisit them in the future or not. My great aunt Catherine? Definitely not revisiting. "What happened?" Died years ago. Every Thanksgiving we hide a couple bottles of wine around the kitchen in remembrance. She was a firecracker.

Keep going for the other four.





Thanks to Allesandra, who said she would watch a full-length version of any one of these remakes.

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