Canadian Police Plan To Punish Drunk Drivers By Playing Nickleback On Ride To Jail

November 30, 2016


The Kensington Police Department on Prince Edward Island in Canada has announced via Facebook that it intends to punish anybody caught drunk driving this holiday season with a ride to jail listening to everyone's least favorite Canadian rock band, Nickleback. Obviously, if you're a drunk living on Prince Edward Island, now would be a good time to seek treatment.

The tongue-in-cheek post has divided the community, with some criticising Kensington Police Service for making light of a serious issue, while others hit out at them failing to support Canadian music.

There were also those, however, who didn't feel they had hit quite the right note - and suggested there was another Canadian native who would work even better.

"Don't hate on Nickelback!! They are a good band. Use someone like Justin Bieber. No one will ever think twice about drinking and driving if you use Bieber," the cheeky Facebook user argued.

Ahahahhahaha, you can always count on some white knight Nickleback fan to chime in and defend the band. Granted that fan is usually just one of the band members using a fake name, but still. Also, why you gonna throw Justin Bieber under the bus? You're both Canadian, you should stick together just like two sweaty butt cheeks.

Thanks to Jonny, who agrees the best thing to hear on your way to jail is the arresting officer telling you this was all just a joke perpetuated by your friends.

  • digidude

    Everybody loves to hate Nickelback, but everybody loves Nickelback.

  • Cheese

    Sure, everybody loves his monotonous talentless drawl & shite music.

    Just because you love shite music doesn't mean you can speak for people with taste.

  • DFCtomm

    This DUI shit has gone too far. If you use mouthwash you're legally drunk. Every good cause eventually devolves into a racket and that's what MADD and it's war on alcohol has become.

  • mary-walker-91


  • GeneralDisorder

    Drunk people like Nickelback. Hell, that's the only time I find the band tolerable is if I'm too wasted to know what's going on.

  • Meh

    Well isn't that a little bit too much? I rather have them take my left hand.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Thank God I'm in the USA! We have that amendment to prevent Cruel and Unusual punishment.

  • This is post is awesome, but Canada is no joke about DUI. First offense usually includes jail time on top of what they mentioned: huge fines and a year without a license. If you get a DUI even outside of Canada you are BANNED FOR LIFE, unless you wait at least 10 years and pay more fines and prove to customs through a mountain of paperwork that you have been "Criminally Rehabilitated". No fucking joke there. I've had friends that flew into canada and couldn't clear customs and were sent back home without leaving the airport.

  • Jason Christopher

    True story, I had a buddy who drove all the way to the border (we live in Nashville, TN) just to be denied due to an old DUI.

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