Bored IT Worker Stuck In Traffic Hacks Electronic Billboard To Stream Adult Movie

November 30, 2016


A 24-year old IT worker found himself stuck in traffic during his commute in Jakarta, Indonesia and decided to hack an electronic billboard to stream the Japanese pornographic film 'Watch Tokyo Hot'. The movie played for about ten minutes before authorities were able to cut the power to the sign. Wow, real mature, guy. *finishes taping construction paper penises to all the crosswalk sign stick figures in my neighborhood*

He carried out the prank after spotting login details displayed on the billboard.

Police and cybercrime specialists in the largely conservative, Muslim-majority country launched a hunt for the perpetrator and on Tuesday arrested a 24-year-old IT analyst in his office.

Access to pornographic websites is blocked in Indonesia, and romantic scenes in films and television programmes are often blurred or cut altogether by state censors.

The arrested man, whose identity was not disclosed, has admitted responsibility for the crime, Jakarta police chief Mochamad Iriawan said.

The man could face up to six years in jail for his crime, which is pretty ridiculous considering the login details were displayed on the sign in the first place (which isn't even hacking) and all he really did was bring that to the authorities' attention. So the upper left hand corner of a Japanese p0rno played for ten minutes, big deal, it's not like anybody got pregnant. Nobody got pregnant, right? Oh my God I'm pregnant aren't I?!

Keep going for a video of the billboard, which is tame.

Thanks to Pyrat Hero, who would have hacked the billboard to livestream his latest high seas adventure and treasure hunt.

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