Bird Houses: Woman Decorates Beautiful Home Interiors For The Birds She Feeds

November 18, 2016


These are the beautiful home interiors that artist and illustrator Jada Fitch (so close to Finch!) decorated for the birds she feeds outside her living room window. They're made from cardboard boxes that she tapes to the exterior of the window and takes pictures of when birds come for seed. Cute, right? She also made a Hobbit hole version. I'm thinking about trying the same thing, the only problem is there aren't really any birds around here. I'd be lucky to even get a rat to come. I live in what is commonly referred to as a "dead zone." You can't even get grass to grow in my neighborhood. "Just where the hell do you live?" In the sewers.

Keep going for a bunch more shots of the you should do this with your kids.








Thanks to Lydia, who agrees the best bird houses aren't houses, they're homes. Awww, that's sweet.

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