Apocalypse Knowledge: Open A Can With A Spoon

November 14, 2016


This is a video demonstrating how to open a can of corn with nothing but a spoon. You know, in case you find a can of corn in the woods and don't have anything but a spoon on you (previously: how to open a can with concrete -- now you have options). It involves exactly what you'd imagine: denting the top of the can with the spoon until you puncture it. It also looks like a great way to bleed from your fingers and mouth. "Who would eat straight from the can?" Gee, I don't know, maybe somebody WHO WAS RAISED BY RACCOONS?! Maybe consider thinking before you talk, you don't know what other people have been through.

Hit the jump for the video then watch me try to open a can of tuna with nothing but my mind.

Thanks to Carmen, who opens cans the old fashioned way: beating them on the side of the counter until they explode. Heck yeah, who really needs the other half of those SpaghettiOs anyways?

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