All The Rage: Japanese Water Cake Shaped Like A Cat

November 11, 2016


These are a couple shots of a Japanese water cake that's shaped like a cat and allegedly taking Twitter in Japan by storm. Is that true? I have no idea and I don't have the energy to investigate because I stayed up late last night playing in the sewers. Just what the hell is water cake anyways?

[Water cake is] a clear and jiggly Japanese dessert that looks exactly like a huge drop of water. This water mochi was first served and made popular by a confectionery in Yamanashi.

If you want to make a water cake yourself, you'll need water, sugar and Japanese agar powder. See this recipe for full instructions.

I'm going to be honest: I'm pretty sure water is the most disappointing flavor for a cake that I can think of. I can't imagine anybody's mom asking them what flavor cake they want for their birthday and them saying water. A big cookie instead of a cake, absolutely. I threw that curveball several times growing up.

Keep going for one more shot and a picture of a more traditional waterdrop shaped water cake.



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