A Lifesize Skeleton Made Of Graphite That Will Vibrate Itself Into Nothing

November 4, 2016


This is Ash Dancer, an art installation created by Agelio Batle that consists of a vibrating table covered in tracing paper and a lifesize skeleton made of graphite. The idea is that the skeleton will mark on the paper when the table vibrates until there's no more skeleton left, just the drawings it left behind. I'm into it, but mostly because I appreciate skeletons. I appreciate them so much I actually made a penis out of Play-Doh for the skeleton in my high school biology class and was awarded three days of in-school suspension for all my hard work and attention to detail (I figure he wanted balls too).

Keep going for a video of the skeleton doing its thing.

Thanks to Harry L, who wants one of those vibrating tables for his house. Think of the possibilities!

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