34.78 Seconds: The Fastest Hole Of Golf Played By A Team Of Four

November 2, 2016


This is a video of the Guinness World Record for the fastest hole of golf played by a team of four. Basically the first guy drives the ball, the second guy gets it to the green, and the remaining two each take a putt. In order to quality for the record the hole has to be at least 500-yards, and if the second putt doesn't go in, the order starts over with the first golfer. In this video, Spain, Denmark and France are all vying for the record, but the French team clenches it with a time of 34.78 seconds. For reference, that's faster than I can even select which club I'm supposed to use. Is it this one? "That's an umbrella." What about this one? "That's a sand trap rake." Screw it, I only wanted to do donuts in the golf cart anyways. Hey -- I think I saw a hill over on hole four where we could catch some air.

Keep going for the video. Also, not to brag or anything, but I finished a hole of putt-putt in under six minutes once. Only once though.

Thanks to Ham, an vital ingredient in any Ham and Cheddar with crackers Lunchable.

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