23-Foot Tall Godzilla Made From Straw In Japan

November 9, 2016


This is the 7-meter (~23 feet) tall Godzilla built out of straw in Japan to celebrate the fall harvest (previously: dinosaurs). No word what the first little pig is going to build his house out of now. What better way to celebrate the harvest than building a giant monster that's going to come trample everything? Is it wrong to want to see that thing on fire? No, it is not, that is the most normal feeling to have. About everything. "What are you doing with that lighter?" What if I told you there's a loose string on your shirt I was going to burn off for you? "I'd say you're trying to set me on fire." And you would be correct. Now, give me your best firework impression while I get you lit.

Keep going for a couple more shots including a group of armed force personnel developing a plan of attack on the beast.







Thanks to Remani, who agrees a 23-foot tall Godzilla would make a pretty sweet war mount as long as he's not too slow.

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