You Can Now Get Married In Disney's Magic Kingdom Park After-Hours

October 14, 2016


In please don't tell my girlfriend news I'm serious I will fight you, you can now get married in the East Plaza Garden in front of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World Resort's Magic Kingdom in Florida. The best part? You can do it after-hours so there aren't a bunch of tourist families trying to photobomb your wedding shots. You can also choose to host your reception in the park, ie in Fantasyland (I prefer Tomorrowland -- you should remember that before asking for my hand in marriage). Still, no word how much an after-hours Disney Magic Kingdom wedding costs, but I suggest you and your parter discuss even before getting engaged who's parting with the arm and who the leg (I recommend suggesting that if they really love you they'd be willing to give up both).

Keep going for a one more shot and a video.


Thanks to Greta M, who asked me to be the ring bearer at her wedding which I graciously accepted because free rings.

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