Woman Records Supernatural Orbs, Ghost In Home Kitchen

October 25, 2016


This is the recording taken by 56-year old Elaine Hamer of Blackwood, South Wales while allegedly trying to adjust the settings on her smartphone camera so she could film some shooting stars later. She never got to the shooting stars though, instead she caught some supernatural light orbs (possibly the ghosts of lightning bugs or fairies), followed by what appears to be a ghost lunging at her. Apparently the homes in the area were built on an area of land that used to have a hanging tree, and several neighbors have reported similar incidents, along with strange sounds and smells. Was it really a ghost in the video? My professional opinion is yes, and I've read dozens of books about ghosts. Granted they were all erotic fan fiction, but ghosts have needs too. It's important to understand them.

Keep going for the video while I sprinkle a circle of salt around my couch for safety.

Thanks to Dana, who informed me she doesn't believe in ghosts. Really? They're the only thing I'm scared of.

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