Woman Caught Having Sex With Model Dinosaur At Children's Park Has Been Identified

October 3, 2016


A woman that appeared in recent photos to be having oral sex with a dinosaur at the Exmouth Dino Trail in Exmouth, England has been identified by police. "As your girlfriend?" Very funny, I wouldn't touch this woman with a brontosaurus tail.

Graphic images emerged showing the woman naked from her waist down on a children's dinosaur sculpture last week.

She was seen mounting the baby Tyrannosaurus Rex model, who was place in a fake egg and is part of the popular local children's attraction, the Exmouth Dino Trail.

The model had to be deep cleaned by East Devon District Council.

A council spokesperson said they are 'shocked and dismayed at this appalling act of gross indecency' but hope that 'the appropriate action will be taken.'

Apparently vandals had broken the head off the dinosaur before the woman even got to it, so I'm not sure this prehistoric exhibitionist was really doing anything but posing for a funny picture. And by funny I mean revolting. Have some decency, lady, you have children (I'm just assuming she has children, possibly a brood of dino halflings).

Keep going for a shot of some poor bastard having to clean the headless dinosaur. Oh, and you can find less censored photos at the linked source in the article if you're committed to being a real degenerate.



Thanks to Ashleigh and Jarod, who both thought of me when they read this story. That is the amazing power I have over people.

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