Walking To Infinity And Beyond: Toy Story x Vans Shoe Collection

October 6, 2016


This is a preview of the Vans x Toy Story shoe collection coming out tomorrow, October 7th. I would wear those Buzz Lightyear ones. Plus every pair has 'AИDY' or 'ANDY' written on the sole. That's a nice touch. Like the tender caress of a lover stroking the back of your neck, but absolutely nothing like that because these are shoes and not a naked lady tickling you with a fresh manicure. A naked lady would be cool though, just for the record. So would a fresh manicure. "Why are your fingers all bloody?" I've been scratching at my cell door.

Keep going for the rest.






Thanks to GT, who agrees they should have made a pair of loafers that look like Slinky Dog.

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