Wait, What?: New Anime Series Where Girls Fight With Their Butts And Boobs

October 13, 2016


Because NASA can't redirect an asteroid soon enough, this is a trailer for the just released Keijo!!!!!!!!, a new anime series with more exclamation points in its name than letters in which the girls all do battle exclusively with their butts and hips and boobs. I just don't know anymore. Not that I knew before, but I definitely don't know now.

In Keijo!!!!!!!!'s first episode, which aired on October 6th, protagonist Nozomi Kaminashi begins attending Setouchi Keijo Training School. Several former judo students hone their ass and tit-slamming skills, blasting opponents off floating islands called "Lands." Yes, they flirt with each other. Of course their swimsuits are sheer. Yes, it has dorm room shenanigans.

But is there also a guy version where dudes do battle with their wieners? Because that would be funny. And by funny I mean must-watch television. As a matter of fact I just made a few sketches I'm going to pitch to whoever animates these shows. See this guy here? He uses his as a sword, where as this guy uses his more like a whip. "And this one?" He uses his nuts as a mace. Now I don't want to get my hopes up, but I do think this could outlast The Simpsons.

Keep going for the video, but remember the screencap above was the tamest I could find. Also the voiceover is insane.

Thanks to Stephanie B, who offered me a seat on her spaceship out of here. Count me in, but I do require two seats.

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