Video Of Guy Experiencing The Second Most Painful Insect Sting

October 18, 2016


This is a video of Mountain Lion Jackson Coyote Peterson letting a tarantula hawk (a species of spider wasp) sting his arm. The sting of the tarantula hawk is allegedly the second most painful on the planet (previously: him taking the third most painful sting, of the cow killer wasp), although, like an unexperienced lover, it only lasts three minutes.

A quarter inch long, the female's stinger is vital to the process of making more tarantula hawks. The sting itself--which is one of the few to rank as a 4 on the Schmidt sting pain index--is used to paralyze an unsuspecting tarantula so that an egg can be laid inside its body. As it grows it eats away the spider's organs until bursting out Alien-style to begin the process anew.

Obviously, in about a month from now we'll have a video of Coyote being stung by the most painful insect in the world, the bullet ant (named so because it's bite has been likened to being shot). Then I guess we'll be all done with these videos. Unless, of course, Coyote takes my advice and starts doing venomous snakes next.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 10:30 (yes, a whole ten minutes and thirty seconds) if you just want to see the sting and writhing around in pain afterwards.

Thanks to Dave L, who got stung in the eye by a bee once and now has venom vision.

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