The Wait Is Over: A Klingon Inspired Messenger Bag

October 10, 2016


This is the $60 Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon messenger bag available from ThinkGeek (among other places). It has room to carry a 15-inch laptop, charger, a handful of moderately sized sex toys (nothing too crazy), some candy/gum, and your keys. As you can see, the flap of the bag was designed to look like a Bat'leth (aka sword of honor), a traditional Klingon bladed weapon. The rest has Klingon battle armor inspired accents. My favorite accent? Irish. I can't tell you how many Irish girls I've fallen in love with, mostly because I can't tell the difference between an Irish accent and some Canadian accents. "You're uncultured." I really am, I would make a pretty shitty yogurt. Like even worse than fruit-on-the-bottom.

Keep going for shots from all angles.





Thanks to James L, who agrees the Bat'leth should be removable and actually functional as a weapon.

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