The Wait Is Over: A Klingon Inspired Messenger Bag

October 10, 2016


This is the $60 Star Trek: The Next Generation Klingon messenger bag available from ThinkGeek (among other places). It has room to carry a 15-inch laptop, charger, a handful of moderately sized sex toys (nothing too crazy), some candy/gum, and your keys. As you can see, the flap of the bag was designed to look like a Bat'leth (aka sword of honor), a traditional Klingon bladed weapon. The rest has Klingon battle armor inspired accents. My favorite accent? Irish. I can't tell you how many Irish girls I've fallen in love with, mostly because I can't tell the difference between an Irish accent and some Canadian accents. "You're uncultured." I really am, I would make a pretty shitty yogurt. Like even worse than fruit-on-the-bottom.

Keep going for shots from all angles.





Thanks to James L, who agrees the Bat'leth should be removable and actually functional as a weapon.

  • Jenness

    I like this bag! It is 1) functional so it actually can be usable and 2) it's subtle enough that it's just an interesting design to most people but 3) fans 'get it' and 4) $60 is decent pricing and not outrageous. Well done!

  • TheDR


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