The Insane State Of Georgia Vs Rick Allen Court Transcript Reenacted By Rick And Morty

October 7, 2016


Note: Incredibly NSFW language, although almost everything is bleeped out.

If you're not familiar with the very real State Of Georgia vs Rick Allen court transcript, basically it's a crazy person who was accused of killing a fellow inmate in prison getting a judge so riled up that he starts spewing crazy too. It's beautiful is what I'm saying. And this is a fan-made animation of Rick and Morty reenacting the entire transcript, word-for-word, pause-for-pause. Feel free to skip around if you don't have eleven minutes to watch the whole thing, it's pretty much all gold. *knocking paintings off the wall, breaking statues* "What are you doing?" Making room. If anything belongs in a museum, this is it.

Hit the jump for the video and prepare to have your mind blown. You can read a copy of the entire transcript HERE.

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