The Bones Of My Enemies: A Sword Handle Carved From A Human Femur

October 13, 2016


This is the sword handle crafted from a real human femur (the only bone in your thigh, the longest and strongest in the body) by artist and bone carver Zane Wylie. He also carves real human skulls (the ones under the sword are replicas, which he also sells), but they all cost in the thousands because bone carving takes time and human skulls are expensive if you don't know where to look (SPOILER: a graveyard with no security). Obviously, I am into this. There's just something about skulls and bones that ignite my primal instincts. Have you ever sucked the marrow out of the broken bone of a freshly slain enemy? It's...actually super disgusting. Still, if you commit to pretending you're an orc it's bearable. Great way to rally your troops behind you.

Thanks to to Strongman, who I have every intention of piggy-back riding into battle.

  • Jenness

    There is some lady who does this scrimshaw stuff with only penis bones - which I had no idea existed but they do and they turn into ivory. That's all she carves - which makes me wonder her motives.

  • stevepesce879 .


  • DrZanz


  • Munihausen

    Sweet. Be careful about local laws prohibiting unlicensed possession of human remains.

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