Thanks, Internet: A Stranger Things/Peanuts Mashup

October 31, 2016


This is A Stranger Things Christmas, a well-made mashup of Stranger Things and Peanuts. You know, I saw so many Stranger Things Halloween costumes out on Saturday. Mostly Barbs and Elevens. There were so many Elevens, Eggo must have made a killing this Halloween. Me? I was a sexy pizza slice, but tonight I'm going to be a wizard, which is easy because I really am a wizard. I know...the magics. I also sell spells and potions and have absolutely zero moral compass so I'm open to all requests especially ones that deal with vanquishing enemies even if they're not really enemies just annoying neighbors or coworkers call me we can work something out I offer discounts for positive Yelp reviews.

Keep going for the video, it's quality.

Thanks to NS, who made an Upside Down world themed haunted maze this year and fourteen people are still missing.

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