Take Me With You: UFOs Spotted Above Hotel In Charlotte, North Carolina

October 21, 2016


Note: Because the lights are constantly flashing the screencap sucks, you just have to watch the video.

This is a very amateur video eight minute video shot from Le Méridien Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina of some flashing lights in the sky that can only be described as "definitely from UFOs," which is 100% accurate because those objects have not been identified. They fly around like fireflies for a while before falling into some sort of formation and flying higher and out of sight. Sure you might argue they're a pack of drones, but why would drones be hanging out above a hotel in North Carolina? That makes no sense. It's way too early to be showing up for the free continental breakfast, that's for sure.

Keep going for the video and imagine the X-Files theme playing.

  • rhartness

    I'm betting drones. I live in Charlotte and for those not in this region, about a month ago we had rioting and violent protests going on when a cop shot a black gentlemen. The worst of the protests were for only about a week, but the protests went longer than that. This hotel isn't far from where much of that was going on, so my guess is that this is new surveilance tech resently bought by the police, or possibly news outlets.

  • JJtoob

    Kinda defeats the purpose if they are all relatively bunched up and noticeable, though. Nevertheless, I can believe it's man-made, we definitely have technology to make such effects.

  • rhartness

    I do see your point, but it wouldn't surprise me if this were a test run. Considering all of the upheaval we recently had, I would assume that this may have been a new purchase and this could have either been a test run or possibly even a training session, which would likely happen at night.

  • Doombah

    *Le Meridien.

    Sorry, I work for the company. :D

  • GreyMatter

    Chinese Lanterns

  • Jay Koski

    It's a section of the street lights reflecting off of the humidity in the air; a perfect combination of right weather and right location.

  • Jon

    "Keep going for the video and imagine the X-Files theme playing."

    Why imagine?


  • BeefSupreme

    aliens. proly trying to figure out which bathroom they can use. then gave up.

  • bluecheesedressing

    Looks like mesh of leds (maybe on netting) strung between two drones.

  • whacko

    Could easily be a swarm of quadcopters. The guy who was like "too high up to be drones" clearly hasn't seen all those YouTube videos of DJI Phantom drones flying up around 5000 feet.

  • JJtoob

    I just read this ( https://www.faa.gov/uas/med... ) and it says you are allowed to fly a drone 400ft high at most, or remain within 400ft of a structure if flying higher than. I would say it's possible if these lights were drones, they could be following that rule. Nevertheless, drones are absolutely capable of flying well above that. They also are supposed to have green and red blinking lights, but it would be easy to cover them or modifying them to be white and/or have their blinking controlled. It would be illegal and whoever is flying them would risk a huge fine, but hey, I've known people risk more just for internet fame.

  • wittyphrase

    Why do people always assume that aliens' spacecraft will need to have blinking lights on it like a fucking commercial jet? They can travel a million light years to visit us, but they don't have any other means to avoid mid-air collisions than blinking lights?

  • USAFPhotog

    I agree 100%

  • Genth

    Do people always assume that? I'm pretty sure that people don't generally assume they know anything about alien tech.
    I think you are assuming a lot here.. i think you're assuming that anyone calling this a bunch UFO'S assumes that they must be alien spacecrafts. Also you seem to also be assuming that everyone assumes they know the purpose of the flashing lighs (to avoid collision).

    I honestly get your point tho. I find it funny that the spacecraft in UFO footage from the 50's/60's looks like it was designed in that era.. big curvy metal objects crudely bolted together etc. And modern UFO footage makes it look like the crafts were designed by fucking Apple.. sleek, stylish, easy to break haha. Or simply just a mess of lights.

    When i look at UFO footage and contemplate whether it could be aliens... or the billion more likely possibilities.. i assume the flashy lights would far more likely BE the craft, rather than lights stuck to the craft.

    Ps.. i'm bored. Can you tell?

  • Good points.

  • Jason Christopher

    Despite how badly I wish it was aliens, I'm gonna go with floating lanterns.

  • Andyman7714


  • Will Chamberland

    Great vid. I'd be more inclined to believe it if there were other angles from the other million people in the area with cell phones.

  • JJtoob

    With drones these days, it would be easy to have multiple people recording it. What they really needed was a huge spotlight pointed at the objects.

  • There are people in the YT comments saying they saw it too and dialed 911, but who knows.

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