Staying Warm, Looking Deadly: Modern Samurai Jackets

October 12, 2016


These are the modern Haori jackets sold by Tokyo-based clothing store Trove. They cost around $285 and are made to resemble the jackets worn by samurais over their armor during the Sengoku Period between 1467-1603. And now I'm going to wear one during the Shitass Period of 2016 while swinging my samurai sword in the yard. My neighbors will probably think I'm weird but I don't care because they're all a bunch of jerks anyway. "They're the jerks? You let your dog shit in their yards and don't pick it up." That's not my dog, that's a stray. We just hang out sometimes and chase squirrels together.

Keep going for several more styles, I also want the hakama pants in the last photo. And the New Balances.





Thanks to Christina, who also thinks I'd make a great geisha.

  • asdfadfs

    even if gw does let his dog shit in their yards and not pick it up at least he isn't letting his cat out to murder helpless creatures in your yard and leave them to rot. it doesn't even kill em right so they're just dragging the upper half of their body in circles. it's horrible :(

  • Kaye Ting

    god damn it, every fucking hipster is going to look like the last fucking Samurai now. Man bun and samurai jacket, can it get any worse?

  • Jay Koski

    That is a beltless bathrobe.

  • Meh

    Actually i get my kimono and haori for like 5 bucks a piece, and that stuff is silk and good looking:)

  • kodama


  • Meh

    Actually if you want, link your email address. I'll send you the link.

  • Meh

    Some second hand store, however i if you're patient you only get the nicest things:)

  • Andrew

    Looks like crap without the armor underneath. Anything looks better with armor.

  • asdfadfs

    when will fashion designers learn that all we really want is a kickass suit of armor?

  • Bling Nye

    Kinda looks like a posh-ish homeless person. I think it's the New Balance shoes that give it the vagrant flavor.

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