Staying Warm, Looking Deadly: Modern Samurai Jackets

October 12, 2016


These are the modern Haori jackets sold by Tokyo-based clothing store Trove. They cost around $285 and are made to resemble the jackets worn by samurais over their armor during the Sengoku Period between 1467-1603. And now I'm going to wear one during the Shitass Period of 2016 while swinging my samurai sword in the yard. My neighbors will probably think I'm weird but I don't care because they're all a bunch of jerks anyway. "They're the jerks? You let your dog shit in their yards and don't pick it up." That's not my dog, that's a stray. We just hang out sometimes and chase squirrels together.

Keep going for several more styles, I also want the hakama pants in the last photo. And the New Balances.





Thanks to Christina, who also thinks I'd make a great geisha.

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