Star Wars Stormtrooper Head Liquor Decanter And Shot Glasses

October 25, 2016


These are the Star Wars Stormtrooper decanter bottles and shot glasses available from The Fowndry. They were based on the stormtrooper mask molds created by industrial designer Andrew Ainsworth in 1976 for the original Star Wars film. The decanter costs £22 (~$27) and the shot glass £12 (~$15, or two for £22, ~$27) but the shot glasses aren't really shot glasses. They're 150ml, or 5-ounces, which I would only consider shot glasses if you're from the school that believes that taking four shots should definitely be able to kill you.

Keep going for several more pictures including one of what the "shot glass" looks like full of milk. SPOILER: VERY SLEEK AND APPROPRIATE.




Thanks to GetOffMyBack, who I didn't even notice was giving me a piggyback ride. No, this is fun, I think I'll stay.

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