So, It's Come To This: 3-D Printed Earrings Designed To Catch Apple's AirPods When They Fall Out

October 24, 2016


These are the M3D Twisty Earbud Catchers designed to catch Apple AirPods when they inevitably fall out trying to commit suicide in a public toilet. You can find the 3D files to print a pair yourself at Thingiverse HERE. Me? I tied each one of my AirPods to opposite ends of a string and wrapped that string around my neck a few times so they can't fall far. Plus when I'm in boring meetings I tug on the string and pretend I'm dangling from a noose. That usually gets a chuckle from a fellow degenerate coworker. Just kidding, I don't even own AirBuds. "AirPods, Air Bud was a movie about a dog playing basketball." Whatever. Still, I am tempted to ask my mom if she'll drive me to the mall so I can get my ears pierced at Claire's. Does it hurt? Do you think I'll cry? For reference I do usually cry when my mom cuts my fingernails.

Keep going for one more shot while I drink poison.


Thanks to MSA, who agrees the coolest earrings aren't earrings at all, they're mood rings.

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