Really Roughing It: A Camping Hammock Supported By Your Car

October 28, 2016


This is the ENO Roadie Car Stand available from camping equipment retailer Eagles Nest Outfitters. It uses your car's weight to support a hammock, costs $200, but does not come with a hammock. It also only has a 250 pound capacity, so you can forget about cuddling up with a lover unless you're both missing your legs. Me? I'm right around 210 pounds, so this thing could only support me and about 40 pounds of hot wings, which I'm okay with. And isn't that what camping is all about? "Hot wings?" Yes, hot wings and the sweet smell of exhaust fumes because I left my car running so I can listen to my iPod through the stereo system. Hey -- plug the TV into the cigarette lighter adapter, my shows are about to come on.

Thanks to OrangeYellow, hands down a way better color than YellowOrange (don't tell YellowOrange I said that).

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