Real Products That Exist: 'The Big Book Of Youtube', A Hardcover Book With QR Codes That Link To Youtube Videos

October 28, 2016


Wow, "Unofficial and Unauthorized," how scandalous.

Because the world is already standing on its last leg, this is 'The Big Book Of Youtube', a 64-page hardcover book that has a blurb about each video included and a QR code you can scan to take you directly to the video. It's the perfect gift for absolutely nobody and its very existence troubles me. If aliens caught wind of this and decided to Deathstar earth from across the galaxy I would neither be surprised nor disappointed. We should send a copy into space ASAP.

Keep going for several shots of what's inside. SPOILER: Overwhelming sadness.




Thanks to hairless, who agrees there's no excuse why everybody hasn't had their own book published already.

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