President Obama's Seven Essential Sci-Fi Films/Series, Or, Science-Fiction 101

October 14, 2016


The following is a list of President Obama's seven essential science fiction films/series as appearing in a special Issue of Wired he guest-edited. It is arguably the most white bread list any person could come up with, which make sense because I assume Obama had his top people on it.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Blade Runner
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Star Wars: A New Hope
Star Trek (The Original Series)
The Martian
The Matrix
Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

I'm assuming numbers 8 - 10 were Alien, X-Files and The Twilight Zone or Doctor Who. I mean, I guess these are essentials, but they're like, so essential there's no way anybody hasn't seen them. I wouldn't even classify these as sci-fi essentials, they're just essential essentials. Except The Martian, that was just okay.

Thanks to Andy TA, who agrees The Abyss and Cocoon should have made the list.

  • Jam Jenes

    Who gives a sh­it what that kenyan monkey thinks or likes?

  • etxzombie

    Am I the only person counting 8 movies instead of 7?

  • shashi


  • Leanne Hickman

    What? No Independence Day (the original, of course)?

  • Jake Anderson

    Might hit a little too close to home ;->

  • Leanne Hickman

    Good one!

  • Jeremy Tilton

    Deep Impact...


  • Munihausen

    Lots of uninteresting (i.e., typical) selections and....the Martian, really?

    Just a few more months...just a few more months...

  • Drdrum

    No firefly, no care. Browncoats fo' lyfe, yo.

  • Jim A.


  • Essential: 5th Element, Tron
    My favorites: Another Earth, Moon, Sound of My Voice

    And yea... the fuckin Abyss.

  • Jolie Rogers

    With time, I think Moon could become essential. Tron, I'm not sure about.... I feel like Terminator should be on any SF list consisting of movies that everyone who reads lists has seen. And you know how I feel about Besson. If I outgrow Fifth Element, sign me up for Euthanasia.

  • FearlessFarris

    The Fifth Element was awesome when I was 15, but doesn't hold up to adult standards for greatness. Abyss would have been a solid addition.

    How about some indie love for a low budget masterpiece like Primer?

  • FearlessFarris

    Nice job doing this important work for our nation, Mr. President.

    I'm glad to know he's able to squeeze in time for some quality sci-fi flicks between rounds of golf and sending hundreds of millions in cash to the Iranians.

    Hopefully after Hillary is done buddying up to state sponsors of terrorism, she can let us know her favorite chick flicks.

  • Totally! Vote Trump, he will never have opinions on things!

  • FearlessFarris

    I wasn't aware that there were only two options.

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