Point-Of-View Ride Of Shanghai Disneyland's TRON Roller Coaster

October 27, 2016


This is a point-of-view ride through Shanghai Disneyland's TRON Lightcycle Power Run roller coaster. It looks like a seizure. It also includes some of the things you see waiting in the queue line for the ride so you get the TOTAL EXPERIENCE. It's just like you're there. Except you're not. You're nowhere near there. You're at a computer desk. Or, if you're really lucky, on a laptop or tablet or phone on the couch or in bed or sitting on the can at home. If you're really unlucky you're locked away in a dungeon, peering between the bars and watching this on the guard's computer monitor. Don't worry, I'm coming for you. I mean, as soon as somebody offers a reward for your safe return. Somebody is going to offer a reward, right? How long has it been, anyways? "Two years." Jesus. Well at least ask the guard to turn up the text size in his browser so you can read Geekologie.

Keep going for the video while I pretend I'm on Space Mountain (I love Space Mountain).

Thanks to Josh, who agrees that roller coaster looks awfully hard to ride with your hands up the whole time.

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